Mould Manufacturing & Assembly

Production – State of the art international mould making.

Our production facility is designed for high performance throughout. We provide an excellent basis for perfect result with modern machinery & skilled employees.

Process – To achieve the best in quality every time and to perfect interaction between man & technology

The actual manufacturing process runs through many phases, during which we meticulously observe even the smallest of details. The complete manufacturing process takes place in controlled atmosphere. A quality protocol monitors each of these several steps. The accuracy of all machining operation is checked time & again. The assembly if the parts into the finished mould are followed by the first test to ensure that moulds fulfills its function hundred percent.

Fast efficient productions, we deliver moulds with,

  • Extremely short cycle time
  • High output
  • Top quality of produced parts
  • High shot to shot repeatability
  • High production efficiency
  • Interchangeability requiring inserts
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient & professional project management
  • Mould perfection through precision – Our strength is the combination of experience and innovative technologies.

    Our high manufacturing standards ensure that millions of components per cavity can be obtained before major refurbishment is required. Our hallmarks are highly precise and multi-cavity tooling. Our team is equipped with high tech machines and tools fitting facility, which enables us to offer an unlimited opportunity to develop new ideas and concept in mould making.