Testing & Inspection


Under Our processing each and every component that goes in to the moulds are inspected at every stage and in assembly, taking in house Facility to test the moulds are able to establish better quality and cycle time with accurate and precise inspected equipments.


In house quality is precisely defined. It means Verification with ultra Modern measuring equipment and careful assembly by experienced specialist. Every moulds is tested without exception in our injection moulding machine for product dimension and smooth running of the mould. The mould is also tested with small production runs to confirm cycle time. Our Focus is quality, commitment and stability.


Keeping Naked eye and establishing high precision moulds, quality consciousness and quality systems are must. So, we monitor the dimension and quality of each part of the mould throughout the manufacturing process. We at SAHIL TECH (INDIA) LTD. are totally committed to quality in all are as of the business, Quality and Delivery here been the key factory which have contributed to the development of the enterprise.

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.

Sahil Tech (India) Ltd. lives up to its promises. Perfect functioning of the moulds is in fore ground right from the outset. In our very well-equipped testing facility each mould is systematically tested for high performance on modern injection moulding machine which features a clamping force if 150 ton to 775 ton. Thanks to test runs, the moulds meet the criteria of optimum process control the moment it's delivered.