about Us

Welcome to Sahil Tech India Ltd. The company name found its beginning in 1995, over a decade ago with an aim to pursue perfection, to the limits that an individuals ability allows. It has since been our constant endeavor to take our customers to new heights of perfection and precision. We achieve this using technology to its fullest, continuously augmenting our existing high quality moulds. Our passion to excel is backed by our technologically sound employees. They make it their constant effort to deliver to our customers, more than their needs.

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. Sahil lives up to its promises.

Perfect functioning of the moulds is in the foreground from the outset. In our very well-equipped testing facility each mould is systematically tested for high performance on modern injection moulding machines which features a clamping force of 150 ton to 775 ton. Thanks to test runs, the moulds meet the criteria of optimum process control the moment it is delivered.

Our Company

Sahil manufactures plastic injection moulds to the very highest specifications, for use in wide range of moulds, from pipe fitting for various applications, like sewage and outflow drainage systems, hot and cold water supply, gas supply to packaging industry.

Our Philosophy

Dynamic, hard-working people with great skill and know how. Steady path towards development. Production capacity that safeguards the present and lays solid foundations for the future. Stringent quality control.

Our Work

Steady growth has secured a leading position for sahil in the international market in sales of plastic pipe fitting moulds over 30 countries throughout the world, which is proof that development never stops!

Our Motto

Our aim is to manufacture moulds that will always attract appreciation and beauty that will add to the joy every time.

our staff

  • Shekhar Gupta - M D

  • Iqbal Pawaskar - CEO

  • Rahul Gupta - Marketing Manager

  • Deven Vartak - Senior Mould Designer

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